BAM is a district-wide volunteer group in the Bethpage School District comprised of members who enjoy music and theater, and want to support and encourage them in our district. This group, through various activities, encourages the participation of our children in the music and theater program by supporting performances, concerts, recitals, music fairs and various other activities. 


BAM Meeting

September 9 at 7pm @BHS chorus room

BAM Meeting

November 4 at 7pm @BHS chorus room

November 15 - 17 

November 16  @Freeport High School

BHS Fall Drama Production

November 21 - 23  @BHS 

BAM Meeting

December 2  @BHS chorus room

NYSSMA All-State Conference

December 5-8  

Kramer Lane Winter Concert

December 9 at 7pm @BHS

CCS Winter Concert

December 10 at 6pm @JFK

JFK Winter Concert Part I

December 11 at 7pm @JFK

BHS Band & Jazz Concert

December 12 at 7:30pm @BHS

BHS Choir & Orchestra Concert

December 16 at 7:00pm @BHS

JFK Winter Concert Part II

December 17 at 7pm @JFK

CBS Winter Concert 

December 18 at 7pm @BHS

JFK Winter Concert Part III

December 19 at 7pm @JFK

January 7, 9, 10 @Cantiague 

January 13, 15, 16 @Syosset HS

January 14, 16, 17 

TRI-M Cabaret Night

January 16 at 7pm @BHS

JFK Drama Production

Jan. 30 - Feb. 1  @BHS

March 1-2 @NCC 

March 6-8 @Uniondale HS

BHS Variety Show

March 13 at 7pm  @BHS

BHS Spring Musical

March 26-28  @BHS


April 21 - 22 4:00-10:00pm @BHS 

TRI-M Honor Society Induction JFK

April 23 at 4:30pm @JFK 

TRI-M Honor Society Induction BHS

April 23 at 7pm @BHS

CCS Spring Concert

April 28 at 6pm  @JFK 

BHS Band & Jazz Concert

April 30 at 7pm  @BHS 

Kramer Lane Spring Concert

May 6 at 7pm  @BHS 

CBS Spring Concert

May 13 at 7pm  @BHS 

JFK Spring Concert Part I

May 14 at 7pm  @JFK 

JFK Spring Concert Part II

May 18 at 7pm  @JFK 

BHS Orchestra & Chorus

May 20 at 7pm  @BHS 

JFK Spring Concert Part III

May 21 at 7pm  @JFK 

June 4 & 5 at 7pm June 6 at 2pm @BHS 

Elementary Beginner Production

June 10 at 7pm   @BHS 

TRI-M Spring Recital BHS

June 11 at 7pm @BHS